The Pinnacle Assessment Program

Students attending The Pinnacle Charter School are required to participate in State, Charter School Institute, school, and teacher assessments.  The information from assessments allows parents, students, and educators to monitor progress and performance of both individuals and groups of students as well as make decisions regarding the design and implementation of instruction.

Assessment and testing results will be shared with parents and students throughout the years, especially during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  It is important that families understand the testing information and results which are sent home.  Questions about assessment results should be directed to the student's teacher or school administrator.  Please contact thee Assessment Department at The Pinnacle, assesment@pinnaclecsi.org, for information about assessments.

CMAS Testing to Start March 15, 2017

Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) assessments will begin for grades 3-9 and 11 on March 14th, 2017.  These online assessments are required by state law and are used by the State as a common measurement tool of students’ progress in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Testing will take place across the schools from March 15th to April 28th.   Look for more information on the testing schedule from individual schools.  Participating in these tests is important. Results help students, parents, and our schools understand whether students have mastered the content they need to know by the end of the school year and are on track to be ready for college or career after graduation.  

Additional information about the CMAS assessment can be found on the link below.

Colorado Department of Education site: https://www.cde.state.co.us/assessment/newassess-parcc


Why Is Testing Information Important for Families?


  • Assessment results can tell parents/guardians about how their student is achieving in comparison to other students in the same grade across the state.
  • Assessment results can tell parents/guardians how much academic growth their student has made, or how they have progressed academically both during the school year and through the grades.
  • Results on performance measures, including teacher-made tests, tell parents how well students use and apply what has been learned.
  • Testing information will tell parents/guardians how they can help their students at home.  It can provide information regarding the student's academic strengths, as well as areas where more work is needed.
  • State-mandated assessment programs provide accountability to parents and their community.

2016-2017 Assessment Results: PSAT 10, ACT, CMAS Science & PARCC English Language Arts & Mathematics

Student Scorecard Publication Information

During the months of August and September, the Colorado Department of Education releases the school and student assessment results for several assessments including the Colorado Measures of Academic Success PARCC and CMAS Science and Social Studies, PSAT, and Colorado ACT assessments.

As scores are released by the State and the District, The Pinnacle Assessment Department will provide two ways of releasing this information to parents and guardians.

  • Summative results and the corresponding Performance Levels will be available to view on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
  • Paper copies of students' score reports will being to be mailed out to parents and/or guardians.

CMAS Science results and ACT results for individual students are now available on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  CMAS Science assessments were given to students in grades 5, 8 and 11 during the 2015-16 school year.

CMAS:PARCC assessment results will be posted by end of day September 1, 2016 on Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

The links below are documents that will help to interpret the new student scores and how they are aligned to the new Colorado Academic Standards.

Score Interpretation Guides

CMAS PARCC English language arts and math:

Available at http://www.cde.state.co.us/assessment/cmas-englishmath-dataandresults

  • 2016 Score Report Interpretation Guide
  • 2016 Score Report Interpretation Guide for Parents – English
  • 2016 Score Report Interpretation Guide for Parents – Spanish (coming soon)


CMAS Science and Social Studies:

Available at http://www.cde.state.co.us/assessment/newassess-sum 

Please remember that theses are new assessments; they are more difficult than assessments administered in the past because the bar has been raised with the implementation of the Colorado Academic Standards.

Additional resources for understanding CMAS English Language Arts and Mathematics (PARCC) assessments and Score Reports can be found on the Colorado Department of Education's website.


Testing Policies

The Pinnacle Paper-Based Testing Policy

It is the policy of The Pinnacle Charter School to administer tests online to students during the State, CSI, and School required testing to the extent possible given the time, equipment, technology, staff, and space requirements for the testing.


The Pinnacle Parent Refusal Policy

The use of data and state standards is integral to our Mission of providing students with opportunities to attain superior levels of academic performance.  The information from the assessments allows parents, students, and educators to monitor progress and performance of both individuals and groups of students, as well as make decisions regarding the design and implementation of instruction.

To ensure that we continue to implement The Pinnacle's Mission, it is our intention that all enrolled students participate in State assessment that fulfill Federal guidelines.  These currently include CMAS Science and Social Studies assessments, PARCC ELA and Math assessments, and the state 10th and 11th grade assessments.  The ACCESS and READ Act assessments do not apply to this policy.  The Pinnacle Charter School is subject to the federal government requirement that 95% of the students participate in testing.


Process for Electing to Opt Students Out of State Testing:

In the event that the parents/guardians elect to opt their students out of these assessments (except for ACCESS and READ Act assessments), a printed letter/form must be provided to the student's teacher which includes the following details:

  • the student's name
  • the name of the test and which subject units
  • reason for opting out of the assessment
  • parent/guardian's name and signature
  • parent/guardian's contact information

1. Teachers will be responsible for collecting these letters/forms and passing them on to the schools' principals.  The Principals will forward all refusal letters to the Assessment Department to ensure that (1) all original refusal letters will be securely filed to safeguard student privacy; (2) test materials are not distributed to these students at any time during the testing window; and (3) on each day of the testing window, the Assessment Department will cross-reference attendance rosters agains a record of those students whose parents provided refusal letters to guarantee that the student is not assessed.

2. The Pinnacle Charter School will not provide alternative in-school activities on schedule testing days for students whose parents submit a refusal letter.

3. Neither students nor parents/guardians will be discriminated against, nor will they incur any negative consequences including, but not limited to, fines or fees or prohibitions from participating in any in-school or extracurriculuar activities due to their refusal to participate in these assessments.

4. All refusal letters submitted during any school year will only pertain to state assessments administered during the school year in which they were submitted.

5. As part of our continual commitment to utilize assessment data to drive curriculum development, staff members of The Pinnacle Charter School are not permitted to engage in any activities that discourage a student from taking any portion of the CMAS, PARCC, or college preparatory/entrance assessment.


Assessment Resources (Please note that The Pinnacle Assessment Calendar is subject to change)