Working at The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle Charter School proudly serves our diverse community in helping to shape and nurture our future leaders.  Employees throughout the organization work together on a common vision of student success.

A career with The Pinnacle rearwards great teachers with the benefits of a charter school:

  • Greater flexibility to meet student needs
  • Increased commitment from parents and students-- they've made a choice to be here
  • A professional learning community featuring meaningful collaboration between teachers, principals, and learning professionals
  • Less bureaucracy in the freedom from Union contracts
  • Student uniforms and a closed campus reduce behavior issues and provide students and staff with a safe and secure learning environment
  • A caring, sharing, family-like atmosphere


What makes The Pinnacle a great place to work?  Here's what some of our long-time teachers have to say about working here:

"The current administrators of the school are first-class individuals.  I love working with them."

"The students want to be here.  With their help, we have created a family-like atmosphere."

"Freedom in the classroom to teach the way I feel is most effective.  As long as I am covering state standards and goals we have set as a department and school, I have the freedom to teach."

"The opportunity to create my own football program at 25 and be the head coach!"


Do you have the talent, skills, and desire to make a difference?  If so, click below to view our openings and apply:

Make a Difference


OPEN:  HS Head Volleyball Coach 2018 Season

The Pinnacle Charter School proudly serves our diverse community in helping to shape and nurture our future leaders.   Employees throughout the organization work together on a common vision of student success. 

Instruct athletes in the fundamental skills, strategies, and physical training necessary for them to realize a degree of individual and team success. At the same time, the student(s) shall receive instruction that will lead to the formulation of moral values, pride of accomplishment, acceptable social behavior, self-discipline and self-confidence.


  • Season starts August 13thand runs until November 24th.
  • Attend all Athletic Director meetings
  • Conduct parent meetings with clear documented expectations for players and parents
  • Increase the number of participants through effective recruiting of currently enrolled students
  • Develop life skills in student athletes
  • Create practice plans specifically designed for incremental skill development
  • Monitor academic progress and student eligibility
  • Teach and encourage sportsmanship and integrity
  • Submit rosters in a timely manner
  • Maintain professional behavior during practices and games
  • Head coaches must establish the roles of all assistant coaches
  • Conduct effective practices to develop strength, endurance, and athletic skills
  • Conduct activities to build individual participants into a cohesive team
  • Provide appropriate, systematic feedback to all student athletes
  • Build and improve relationships among peer coaches and teachers
  • Build and improve relationships with other sports teams in the school district at the same or different levels
  • Ongoing professional development to improve overall student/athlete skill
  • Responsible for acquisition, distribution, maintenance and repair of all equipment and uniforms
  • Responsible for raising and/or acquiring the necessary funds for program success
  • Head coaches should successfully motivate and use the talents of assistant coaches in the program
  • Demonstrate appropriate concern for visiting teams and officials
  • Skillfully use First Aide and CPR training to prevent, minimize and treat predictable injuries
  • Complete required reports and requisitions
  • Ensure that all student fees are collected and/or resolved prior to first competition
  • Get team pictures taken
  • Must keep MaxPreps up to date with scores and statistics


  • Knowledge in football, coaching, and training techniques.
  • Ability to work as an integral part of the coaching staff.
  • The head coach and assistant coach will be responsible for teaching young women appropriate skills, and also develop integrity hard work and responsibility in these youngwomen.
  • These coaching positions will be filled each school year and will be renewed annually.
  • Coaches will be responsible for the maintaining of equipment, uniforms, etc.

·     High School coaches must be CHSAA certified.  

For more information contact Eric Hahn, Athletic Director.